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Busy Bees (18 – 30 Months)

Our staff are highly qualified, skilled and experienced, and work as a team to ensure every child has the opportunity to develop to the best of their ability. Activities for our Busy Bees include painting, sensory equipment and water play activities which are intended to further challenge your child and promote development of fine and gross motor skills, coordination and independence.  Food is catered to each individual need.

Busy bee highlights:

Spacious and stimulating room with a home away from home environment
Formula, nappies, wipes all provided if required
Routines to cater for your child’s individual needs
Activities to promote your child’s development
Outdoor play opportunities on a daily basis
Caring staff who provide interesting and exciting activities Food prepared freshly on site
Follows Pre Birth to 3 national guidance
Use of online profile with daily updates on your child, including all aspects of their daily routine and an update on activities for that day
Unique ability to be flexible with transitions – children will move rooms based on their stage of development rather than their age

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